Welcome to Blaze Process Engineers

Founded in 1987, Blaze Process Engineers is one of India’s leading distributors and wholesalers for 3M™ Abrasive System Products, 3M™ Industrial Adhesives, DuPont™ abrasive Filament converters & Power Tools Products.

Blaze Process Engineers provides proven quality Abrasives & Adhesives as per customer’s requirement, to ensure complete customer satisfaction and to strive for improvement of the product continually.

3M & DuPont brands need no introduction as they are leaders in the Global Abrasive & Adhesive market segments.

  • 3M Abrasive products are available in sheets, rolls, belts, discs, wheels and brush forms.
  • 3M and DuPont offer an excellent selection of quality abrasives for use in metal fabrication, precision castings, plating and polishing, cylindrical grinding, furniture manufacturing, custom woodworking, automotive manufacturing and textile industry.
  • 3M and DuPont abrasives are for almost any dimensioning, grinding, sanding, finishing or surface conditioning application.

25 Years in the business of supplying quality abrasive & industrial adhesive products, ensures that we can find the right product to suit your unique shaping or finishing requirements and our experienced technical team will be always available to support you.

Featured Products:

  • 3M Trizact™ Abrasives.
  • 3M Cubitron™ grain Abrasives.
  • 3M Scotch-Brite™ Abrasive Products.
  • 3M Microfinishing & Lapping Film Products.
  • 3M Flexible Diamond Abrasive Products.
  • 3M Wetordry Polishing Abrasive Products.